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Unity XG-100P
Unity XG-100P

The Unity™ XG-100 puts unprecedented connectivity in the hands of the user.

The user is empowered with frequency coverage of all portable land mobile radio frequency bands in a single radio, total channel capacity of 12,500 channels, extended battery life, full APCO P25 compliance, and the ability to scan continuously across all frequencies, voice modes, and encryption types.

Built-in advanced capabilities include noise suppression for operation in high-noise environments, GPS receiver for position tracking and rapid response for emergencies, and secure Bluetooth® technology for wireless operation.

The XG-100 is built to the military standard for ruggedness and submersibility, designed to be intrinsically safe, and features a true software-defined radio architecture that allows flexibility for future growth, including a software-only upgrade to the APCO P25 phase 2 standards. With a 3-year
standard radio warranty, the XG-100 Full-Spectrum Multiband Radio is a future-proof investment.

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