Unity XG-100P
Unity XG-100P

¡ Unprecedented Connectivity
Full-Spectrum Multiband Frequency Coverage
• 136-174 MHz, 380-520 MHz, and
762-870 MHz
Full APCO P25 Compliance
• Digital P25 conventional
• Digital P25 trunking
• Analog FM
Continuous Scanning
• Across all bands, voice modes, and
encryption types
¡ Optimum Channel Capacity
• Large 16-channel selector
• 12,500 channels storage capacity
• 10 mission files with 1,250 channels each
¡ Superior Voice Quality
• Built-in noise reduction
• Clear audio in high-noise environments
¡ Built-In Secure Bluetooth® Technology
• Wireless audio accessories
• Wireless data support
¡ Built-In GPS Receiver
• User position sent securely over-the-air
• Personnel position tracking
• Rapid response for emergencies
¡ Full-Color Display
• Intuitive user interface
• Front-panel programming
¡ User-Centric Design
• Conforming grip and easy-to-use
buttons for handheld operation
• Large knobs and configurable
top display for holster operation
¡ Future Proof Investment
• True software-defined architecture
supports future P25 standards
• MIL-STD-810 rugged and submersible,
The XG-100 was built
upon years of extensive
user research and field trials of multiband technology
to give users the ultimate radio package.


Unity XG-100P